Post Operative Instructions: Laser Gum Treatment

Do not be alarmed with any color changes or appearance of tissues following laser therapy. Tissues can be gray, yellow, red, blue, purple, “stringy” and reflect normal response to laser treatments.
Reduce physical activity for 2-3 days following the surgery.

It is OK to spit, rinse, and wash your mouth gently today. The day after treatment rinse as directed with Periogard (Chlorhexidine Gluconate), morning and night.

Do not chew on the side of your mouth which has just been treated. Do not eat spicy or excessively hot foods or foods with seeds.

Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process. Brush, floss, and follow other home-care measures in all the areas of your mouth except for the area that has been treated.

Do not apply excessive tongue or cheek pressure to the area.

Do not be alarmed if your teeth become sore, tender, or sensitive as the bone and ligaments around the teeth regenerate.  This is a sign of healing, but also indicates the presence of a bite imbalance that needs to be adjusted.

Do not be alarmed if one of the following occurs:

  1. Light bleeding
  2. Slight swelling

DO NOT BRUSH or FLOSS THE SURGICAL AREA FOR 2 WEEKS after the last surgical visit!  Only RINSE.

DO NOT PICK at the clot between the teeth and gums!

It is very important to maintain a good food and fluid intake. Try to eat soft but nutritious food such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, malts, ice cream, etc., until you can comfortably return to a normal diet.(click here for a laser post operation diet)

If medication has been prescribed, please take exactly as directed.

Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

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