Nightguard/Occlusal Appliance – Patient Instructions

The occlusal device will allow your jaw joints and muscles to function more smoothly. It will allow the jaw to find the best position because the device prevents the teeth from locking together. It should reduce muscle spasm, clenching and grinding habits, jaw joint pain, and tooth wear.

Wear the occlusal device as instructed. For most people, it will only be necessary to wear the device at night as you sleep.

When the occlusal device is removed from the mouth, you may notice that your teeth do not seem to fit normally. This is due to the relaxation of your jaw muscles and, within a few minutes, will feel normal again.

Do not clench your teeth on the occlusal device because this will cause muscle spasms or pain. Remember to keep your lips together and your teeth apart.

Clean both sides of the device carefully with a toothbrush and toothpaste every time you brush your teeth. Meticulous cleaning of your own teeth is also important.

Keep all check-up appointments scheduled for you. They are necessary for adjusting and evaluating the occlusal device.

If you are having jaw pain, avoid eating tough and chewy foods while your jaw joints, ligaments, and muscles are healing. Just as you would favor a sprained ankle, give yourself a chance to heal.
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