Choosing an Implant Surgeon

Does your surgeon both place the implant and restore it?

Implant dentistry is a restorative driven dental therapy. The implants must be placed in a position that allows for the tooth replacement restoration to appear and function naturally.

Traditionally, a surgeon would place the implant and a dentist would place the restoration. Unfortunately, this introduces the possibility that the implant placement may not be optimal for the restoration. There is also the added inconvenience of traveling to another office.

Dr. Gumm plans, places, and restores the implant, ensuring success.

Is Your Surgeon a Board Certified Specialist?

Any dentist with a diploma can legally place an implant and many do so after brief surgical training. This could be a problem for the patient should unforeseen complication arise during surgery.

The dental specialty boards require additional training in addition to the regular dental degree. To become “board certified” and receive diplomate status requires completion of a demanding series of written and oral examinations before the specialty board. This ensures that your surgeon has the broad background, knowledge, and training to complete surgical procedures efficiently and manage any complications.

Dr. Gumm is board certified and a diplomate of the American Board of General Dentistry.

How Many Implants Does Your Surgeon Place Each Year?

You want the dentist who places your implants to be experienced and knowledgeable in handling the routine dental implant procedures, as well as the most complex dental implant procedures. There is a difference between someone who places 15 dental implants a year and someone who places hundreds every year.

Dr. Gumm places between 100 and 200 dental implants yearly.

What is Their Training in Dental Implants?

As frightening as it may seem, many dentists today take one or two day courses on dental implant placement, and get started in dental implant placement. You should ALWAYS check to make sure your dentist has the proper training, experience, and credentials.

Dr. Gumm trained in a comprehensive, part-time program over a period of two years, logging over 350 hours.

Can You See a List of the Continuing Education Courses Your Dentist Has Taken in the Last 12 to 24 Months?

All state licensing boards attempt to establish minimum standards of practice in the dental community for specialty practices and procedures. Despite the efforts of the state licensing boards, these efforts do not guarantee that your dentist is qualified to perform specialty procedures, especially when it comes to placement of dental implants. A dentist that actively pursues excellence in implant care will spend 50 hours or more a year in continuing education and study, increasing and refining their treatment skills. Make sure that your dental implant placement specialist measures up. Ask to see a list of courses completed.

Dr. Gumm routinely completes over 8 times the required number of hours per year in continuing education.

Does the Dentist Have the Latest Technology to Diagnose and Treat?

Advanced technologies and the latest science not only offer faster diagnosis and treatment, but ensure a more effective course of treatment. It is very important before proceeding with dental implants, to make sure your implant surgeon has invested in the most advanced technologies available to help ensure a positive experience. Some of the latest technologies and treatments available that Dr.Gumm may use to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment include:

Digital x-rays: Make the surgery faster, safer, and more predictable.

Cat Scan Imaging: Allows an accurate analysis of a 3 dimensional image of the jaws.

Platelet Rich Plasma: Treatment that utilizes the patient’s own blood platelets to promote better and faster healing after a surgical treatment.

Advanced bone grafting material and procedures: Enhances the probability of success in regenerating lost tissues.

Growth factors: Mobilizes the body healing processes naturally to enhance the speed and quality of the healing process.

What Brand of Implants Does Your Dentist Use?

Established dental implant companies have been researching the science of dental implants for over 20 years. Now, there are a number of copycat companies that are manufacturing cheap, low-quality, knock-off implants that are marketed to dentists as a “low-cost” alternative. Dr. Gumm recommends an implant from a company that is the leader in research and development of dental implants for over 25 years.

Does the Dentist Have Adequate Inventory?

There are many situations that call for different implant sizes than were originally planned. An adequate inventory of various sizes is imperative for the surgeon to be prepared for all cases. A dentist that only orders implants for individual cases may not be able to handle every situation that arises.

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