Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are just one more advantage provided to you at our office. Instead of using a conventional film, we use a special computer sensor which puts the x-ray image directly into the computer and which allows us to reduce the harmful radiation by nearly 90%. And since the images are in the computer, we can enhance the images to better diagnose conditions – often before those conditions become serious problems. And, we can display the x-ray images on the computer for you, to illustrate what we see. Also, most of our patients tell us the sensors are more comfortable than traditional x-ray film.

Our digital x-ray capability includes both conventional single tooth imaging, and also a full jaw panoramic scanning machine that in one short digital scan give us an image of your entire upper and lower jaws with the teeth and adjacent anatomy.

Patient Benefits

  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Immediate access to the x-ray image
  • Shorter appointments
  • Patient can easily view

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