Ridge Preservation

Bone Augmentation

When teeth are lost, the underlying bone (alveolar bone) is likely to resorb (shrink) both vertically and horizontally. The alveolar bone supports the teeth and when it no longer receives stimulation from forces on the teeth, it tends to melt away. Areas with teeth that have been missing for a long time will often have so much bone resorption that there is not enough remaining bone to be able to place implants of adequate size. Bone defects caused by periodontal disease, fractured teeth, or trauma may also create a situation where bone needs to augmented (replaced by means of grafting) for implant placement to be accomplished.

Socket Preservation

When teeth are extracted, a bone graft is placed immediately in the socket to help maintain the existing bone and to facilitate healing. Preservation of the bone allows for and easier and less costly tooth replacement by an implant or other restoration.

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