Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Belleair

full-mouth rehab

Dr. Gumm provides skilled and experienced treatment to restore entire smiles to optimum health and beauty.

Restore Your Smile to Full Health and Beauty

There are many reasons why a smile can get worn and broken-down over time. Accidents, injury and tooth decay can all play a role in the deterioration of a person’s oral health. Patients who suffer from extensive damage and decay are often in constant pain, hide their smiles, and cannot properly chew or enjoy their food. This can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life.

Using full-mouth rehabilitation treatment, Dr. Gumm restores entire mouths to health, function and beauty. He has 40 years of experience in full-mouth rehabilitation and has helped thousands of patients regain their health and confidence.

Highly Trained & Skilled Dentist

dr gumm

Dr. Gumm has 40 years of experience in full-mouth rehabilitation treatment and knows how to get excellent results.

Dr. Gumm has completed extensive continuing education in full-mouth rehabilitation to be able to provide his patients with skilled, high-quality treatment. Dr. Gumm has board certifications in both general dentistry and implant dentistry, and he has taken graduate programs in Comprehensive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Occlusion (proper bite alignment), and Prosthodontics—the dental specialty dealing with the optimally aesthetic and functional restoration of smiles.

Dr. Gumm has lectured to other dentists on the topic of smile rehabilitation locally, regionally and nationally, and he taught clinical courses for over 20 years. Dr. Gumm knows how to get optimum results in giving you a beautiful, healthy and well-functioning new smile.

$59 New Patient Exam Special

new patient specialIf you are visiting our office for the first time, you can take advantage of our New Patient Special to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options. Your visit will include:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Digital X-rays
  • Find out about your treatment options

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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures

Thanks to his training, Dr. Gumm is able to use a wide range of procedures during full-mouth rehabilitation treatment. Crowns, gum disease treatment and dental implants are some of the procedures that could be part of a person’s treatment plan. Dr. Gumm lays out a custom treatment plan for each case, and he will explain every procedure in detail so that you understand why it is being done and what to expect.

Our Approach to Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

Dr. Gumm follows an exact protocol during full-mouth rehabilitation treatment. He approaches every case with great attention to detail, and ensures that the treatment results in an aesthetic, natural-looking and well-aligned bite.

full mouth in depth consultation

Dr. Gumm takes detailed X-rays for accurate treatment planning.

In-depth consultation

First, Dr. Gumm will conduct a detailed consultation to understand the problems you are currently having and your goals for your smile. He will also review your medical and dental history with you, so that he is well informed and well prepared to provide you with custom treatment.

Detailed diagnosis & treatment planning

dr gumm diagnosis

Dr. Gumm uses models of the patient’s smile for detailed planning and preparation.

Dr. Gumm takes digital photos and detailed X-rays to assist him in his diagnosis. He then lays out a custom treatment plan to restore your smile to full health and put an end to your dental problems once and for all.

As part of treatment planning, Dr. Gumm will make models of your teeth and of your proposed new smile for your approval. He will finalize the design of your new smile with you, making any needed adjustments until you are satisfied. He will also ensure that at the end of treatment, you will have proper jaw alignment, which can prevent headaches and tooth grinding problems in the future.

Testing & adjustment

Dr. Gumm makes any needed adjustments to make sure you are completely happy with your new smile at the end of your treatment. If your treatment plan involves crowns or veneers, these are meticulously planned and designed and then “tried in” in your mouth. Both you and Dr. Gumm will be able to see exactly how the final crowns or veneers look and feel. Only when you and the doctor are completely satisfied with the results, the restorations are permanently bonded in. You will walk out of our office with a dazzling, healthy and well-functioning new smile.