Teeth Whitening in Belleair

teeth whiteningTooth enamel is porous and can stain easily from the coloring elements in certain foods and drinks. Teeth can also be affected by certain medications, as well as by the natural aging process.

We provide fast and effective teeth whitening for a significantly brighter smile. A whiter, brighter smile can produce an instant improvement in your appearance and can dramatically boost your confidence.

dr gumm teeth whitening

Dr. Gumm provides effective teeth whitening that can remove stains buried deep under the surfaces of the teeth.

Why Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

Though there are many teeth whitening products available over the counter and at kiosks in shopping malls, the whitening formulas in these products do not have the strength to remove deep stains. Only a dentist can legally provide teeth whitening products with enough strength to remove the stains that are buried deep below the surfaces of your teeth. Our whitening systems eliminate tough stains to give you a beautifully bright smile.

Our Teeth Whitening Options

Philips Zoom!® in-office whitening

Zoom! in-office teeth whitening is a fast procedure that can be performed in just a little over an hour. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and activated using a special light. The gel penetrates deep into the tooth enamel and removes deep stains. With one treatment of Zoom! in-office whitening, your smile can become up to eight shades lighter!

Custom Zoom! at-home whitening kits

In addition to in-office whitening, we also offer Zoom! whitening kits to brighten your teeth at home. We will first take impressions of your teeth so we can fabricate a custom tray that fits tightly around your teeth. The trays are used with professional-strength Zoom! whitening gel at home at your convenience. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will show you exactly how to use the trays to get the beautiful, bright smile you desire.